Enjoy our Outdoor Gardens

Nestled into the foothills of Roseville, our 6 beautiful acres at Sierra Regency Retirement Living create a peaceful and beautiful sanctuary for anyone seeking an idyllic and vibrant living experience. We offer an outstanding outdoor experience with walking paths, landscaped grounds, outdoor gardens, and fragrant blossoms to make many sensory memories. 

At Sierra Regency, we offer outdoor living without the maintenance – so you just stroll and enjoy! Our outdoor gardens are visually stimulating and meticulously kept to create a tranquil respite that can reset any mood to one of peace and happiness. Our careful selection of plants and flowers creates a harmonious balance, ensuring our gardens remain a beautiful sight throughout the seasons.

Nature in our Backyard

Sierra Regency’s paved walking path winds its way around the building with garden views of the lush surroundings. The path encourages physical activity and promotes overall well-being while providing an opportunity for socializing. Whether it’s a brisk morning walk or an evening stroll, the path offers an invigorating escape into nature.

Activity outdoors can invigorate the soul. Sharpen your putting skills on the turf at the putting green, or get close because it only counts in horseshoes – which you can also practice at the horseshoe pit! However you like to spend your time outdoors, you will benefit from setting your internal clock by stepping out into the sun in the morning or late afternoon. 

Enchanted Outdoor Experience

Sierra Regency’s gardens, walking paths, and landscaped grounds serve as an extension of residents’ homes, and we are committed to creating this enchanted outdoor experience. As you immerse yourself in the beauty of our gardens, you’ll step away with a renewed sense of well-being. We invite you to come stroll with us today!