Sierra Regency Retirement Living is honored to provide an abundance of amenities to our residents to enrich their lives including our Salon Services. Occasionally, the word “amenities” conjures thoughts of things that are extras or unessential luxuries. While they might not be the core needs of living (food, water, shelter, sleep, clothing) that does not make them any less necessary for a quality of life that meets both our physical needs as well as our mental health. 

No matter our season of life, keeping up with consistent habits and having a social life can reduce the risk of depression and dementia. This includes maintaining a regular healthy beauty routine. Often our outside can represent what’s going on with us on the inside, and self-care on our outside can help boost our insides.  

Our Wonderful Stylist, Julie

With that in mind, Sierra Regency provides a full-service beauty salon for both men and women. Nothing feels better than a fresh do! Julie Catstagna is our stylist and offers an array of beauty services. Need a haircut? Julie will see to it! She also offers Blow Drying Services, Styling, Curling, Shampoos, Sets, Perms (curly and body), Hair Coloring, and High Lights & Low Lights. See her in the salon on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays! 

Julie loves what she does as she remarked, “I am grateful to have a job where I get to be creative. At Sierra Regency, I meet a lot of fun and interesting people, and the stylist chair has the prettiest view in the house.”


What beauty routine is complete without nail care? Also, extremely important, nail care for men and women is offered as part of our salon services. Joann is a talented nail technician offering professional nail care and design. You can look after your nails with a  Spa Pedicure, Manicure, Airbrush, Gels, Silk Nails, Fiberglass Nails or the French Pink & White look! 

“I have been in service here for almost 10 years. I think our Beauty Salon is contributing to the happy, positive, and confident lifestyle for the residents of Sierra Regency. I enjoy interacting in our beauty care services with our residents,” gushed Joann. 

We love to provide these services on campus at Sierra Regency as one more way to take care of our residents!