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A Second Chance at love

A second chance at love and a new lease on life! What could be better than finding love when you least expect it? That’s precisely what happened for Sierra Regency Retirement Community residents, Larry, 92, and Nancy, 87.

Nancy moved into Sierra Regency with her husband seven years ago, following the tragic loss of their home in the Camp Fire. They originally were interested in our sister community, Sycamore Glen in Chico, but so were many others who had lost their homes in the fires. Nancy explored other options and fell in love with an apartment at Sierra Regency! Their children helped to accommodate Nancy and her husband with the new move including furnishing their apartment since they lost everything in the fire. Sadly, Nancy lost her husband a short four months later. Socially, Nancy was supported in her new community. She loves activities that unite everyone, especially since she adores getting to know people. 

Meanwhile, Larry made the move to Sierra Regency in May 2020. He loved his home, but after the passing of his wife, the memories became too much and he needed a change of scenery. He did not take this next step lightly. Larry researched and visited numerous retirement communities before committing to Sierra Regency after finding it fit him best by offering all of the activities he was looking for. 

Wanting all to feel welcome, Nancy recognized Larry as someone who was still grieving but who she could try to help with the transition of his move to Sierra Regency. She became friends with Larry and introduced him to other residents. This group would enjoy lunch outside, enjoying the beautiful weather and long chats. This went on for several months until Larry and Nancy realized that they had become quite fond of one another. It dawned on them that they were falling in love after enjoying the friendship they had built. The couple had so many things in common and happily shared as much time as they could. With this, they decided that it was time to take the next step and Larry moved in with Nancy.

“Sierra Regency did not change my life, it has allowed me to live my life,” exclaimed Larry!  

Nancy and Larry happily joined their lives together including Nancy’s four daughters and son along with Larry’s four boys. Along with their joyous blended family, the couple keeps themselves active and busy with so many activities at Sierra Regency. They treasure their time at Happy Hour, particularly dancing with one another and talking with their friends. Some exercise classes also keep them in fine form, including their favorite Balance Class and Chair Stretch Class. They also find having easy transportation to wherever they need to go, so convenient and easy as the driver is marvelously attentive. 

We are thrilled to have been the impetus for this couple in love at Sierra Regency. Whatever your situation in life is, it’s time to start living it to the fullest and we can help.