Leap into the Good Life!

Take the leap! 2023 is not a leap year, but it is still the perfect year to leap into the next phase of your life. Instead of telling yourself all of the reasons not to move into a retirement community, let’s hear about the numerous ways Sierra Regency Retirement Community can enhance your life from people that are best suited with that knowledge – our residents! 

The stimulating factors for making a change may look different for everyone. It may be that your home is now too big and overwhelming for your needs. Or you now find yourself alone and your friends and family have moved away. Maybe, you just need a little more attention to your needs and you’re looking for more fun in your life! Virginia C. decided to take the leap to Sierra Regency after her husband had passed away and she didn’t want the burden of maintaining a large home by herself. “I went to five senior communities and picked Sierra Regency because of friendly staff who are helpful, patient, and wonderful.” 

We all have different social needs. Some of us are extroverts and get energy from being around others. Some are introverts and need their own space to recharge, but still have a desire for social interaction. The beauty of our retirement community at Sierra Regency is that your social needs are met, wherever you are. For resident Dolores, socializing at meals keeps her connected and engaged. Whereas, Virginia C. is mixing it up all day long at various events, functions, and activities. For Alex K., having the social opportunities right in the community he lives in, made the move from his home to Sierra Regency all worth it. 

Something for Everyone

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of favorite things! There’s something for everyone. Virginia loves to be part of the welcome wagon, ensuring new residents feel welcome and included. She is motivated to help others and be needed. Bean bag baseball, the putting green, and the Travel Club are Alex’s top spots to participate in. He also doesn’t like to miss wine tasting at Sierra Regency’s Thirsty Thursday. When we say our amenities are vast, we mean it! Dolores loves our indoor heated pool, balance class, and walking around the pathway on our beautiful grounds. 

No Place like Home

There’s no place like home. We know this and so we have established an environment where our residents can say that about where they live. “I’m very comfortable in my apartment,” remarked Dolores when talking about her favorite parts of Sierra Regency. Our beautiful apartments are just the start of creating your home. Feeling comfortable in your own space where you lay your head at night, is the core of loving your home. Alex mused that “interacting with people” brought him the most joy when thinking about his home at Sierra Regency. For our loved welcome wagon member, Virginia, it’s “having so many friends, socializing, and meeting new people.” 

Whether you are a homebody for a majority of the day or a non-stop social butterfly, after observing some of our residents’ habits and favorite things, you can see that Sierra Regency can fit and exceed your expectations. So take the leap and join us in the next wonderful part of your life!