There is no time like the present to make changes to improve the quality of your life! As you assess 2022, make 2023 the year you live the lifestyle you deserve. Sierra Regency Retirement Living can help you achieve those goals. 

Social Connections

Social Interaction is a basic human need, it’s what makes life worth living. As we enter our golden years, our families have their own priorities, our social interactions at work have dissipated, and the isolation we can feel has a harsh effect on our mental and physical well-being. According to Harvard Health Publishing, a lack of social activities and strong relationships can adversely impact health equivalent to “smoking 15 cigarettes a day.” The list of benefits (relief of stress, strengthened immune system, good gut health, etc.) of quality social engagement is endless. 

Sierra Regency offers a very active lifestyle full of engagement, social connections, convenience, and delicacies, all while maintaining an autonomous life. It’s a chance to make new friendships with those with whom you have similar interests and even with others that may have vastly different experiences from yourself! If you’re romantically unattached and are inclined to date, it is a chance to meet others who are alike in their need for romantic companionship. 

Our robust activities provide the chance to create different social connections. The opportunities are endless at Sierra Regency – whether it’s an aqua class in the heated pool or an exercise class, trips to plays or museums, live entertainment or dances, playing games inside or on the putting green, one of our Luaus or BBQs, or just connecting around the firepit on the patio – you can find your people at Sierra Regency. 

Improved Nutrition 

Like lack of social connection, poor nutrition adversely affects mental and physical health. According to the Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute, “Socially isolated older adults consume fewer fruits and vegetables, and eating alone is associated with lower dietary variety.”  At Sierra Regency each apartment includes a full kitchen, however, when you don’t want to cook for one or even two – our full-service restaurant-style dining extends not only a wide variety of culinary delights but also an associative environment for stimulating conversation and connection. 

We are delighted to offer delicious food created by our Executive Chef, Eddie Sanchez. At your convenience, you can choose which two meals to enjoy in the private dining room Monday through Saturday, which are included in your monthly rent. On Sundays, we provide a breakfast bar for brunch and a soup and salad bar for dinner. What is a Sunday brunch without some tasty mimosas?! Don’t worry – we feature those as well! Aside from the daily delectable meals, for our wine connoisseurs (and even wine novices) we provide a weekly wine social to enjoy a drink along with great company. 

Overcoming Apprehension

Even the best of changes can be challenging. The fear of the unknown is disconcerting. Whether it’s starting a new job, a new relationship, or moving to a new home or neighborhood – even when we know these are the best things for our lives – there is apprehension about what it will look like, how it will all come together, or if we will feel peace and comfort in this change. At Sierra Regency, we know leaving your home and moving to our community may sound daunting, but we promise it will be a change you won’t regret and will wish you had done sooner! Imagine how the healthier and happier you will feel in taking this leap of faith and making a change. We can’t wait for you to visit our community and start living your life to the fullest.