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Enjoy The Water

What is the best exercise for your heart AND your joints? Water exercise! That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all of the benefits of liquid activity. Swimming and other exercises in the heated pool are the best overall training to increase circulation in the heart and lungs, while not putting stress on parts of the body that most forms of cardio and resistance exercises do. Increased flexibility rounds out all of the benefits of activity in the water! 

So why aren’t we all splashing around in large blue baths if it’s the best thing for us? Accessibility. At Sierra Regency Retirement Living, we offer a beautiful indoor heated pool that is available day and night to our residents for their exercise needs. Heated and indoors, the pool’s accessibility is year-round. Pool time satisfies the physical objectives while providing a fun social atmosphere that may lift your spirit alongside increased endorphins.

Dive Into An Active Lifestyle

Sierra Regency is the only community in the area with an indoor heated pool. We understand the value and opportunities our pool can provide to our residents, so we offer an aquatic instructor to lead exercises a few times a week. Instruction is a great way to learn some specific exercises, but the pool is open all day! 

Activity in the water and swimming can be life-changing. It is amazing what the body can do when water provides the buoyancy for minimal weight bearing on it. Those who struggle with some basic activity on dry land, are suddenly equipped to move in the water – building strength and stamina that were once unattainable. Others want to add more movement and flexibility to their workout and exercise. Submerging in water opens up all possibilities no matter where you are with your physical capabilities. 


The residents at Sierra Regency Retirement Living have been responsive to the significance of having access to an indoor heated pool at their disposal. 

John G. has seen the benefits firsthand, “The pool is very clean and well maintained. I like the fact that it is indoors – no leaves, bugs, or debris. The heated pool warms up the bones of us elderly…the hot tub is a treat! You can congregate with other people who are extremely friendly and the hours are reasonable. I exercise, stretch and swim – sometimes I walk the laps of the pool. Sierra Regency has it open year round – so I use it every day, sometimes twice a day for the cramps in my legs!”

“The pool was one of the things I wanted when I moved in – to have a warm pool year-round. Three of our friends get together and go to the pool every morning where we exercise – others will join in too!,” Brenda S. on why Sierra Regency’s pool was a top reason to move to the community.

As the end of the year approaches, and you take inventory of goals and changes you would like to see in 2023 – consider a more active approach you may have thought was once out of reach and jump into the deep end with us!