Are you seeking the perfect place to enjoy independent living during your retirement years, where you can prioritize both comfort and security? Sierra Regency, nestled in the picturesque foothills of Roseville, California, offers an exceptional independent living experience tailored to your needs. With a variety of thoughtfully designed floor plans and comprehensive security measures, Sierra Regency is the ideal choice for those looking to embrace a vibrant and secure retirement community.

Comfortable and Thoughtfully Designed Floor Plans

At Sierra Regency, we understand that having your own space is essential for independent living and enjoying your retirement to the fullest. That’s why we offer a range of thoughtfully designed floor plans, ensuring that you find the perfect living space to call home.

One and Two-Bedroom Apartments with Full Kitchens

Our floor plans include one and two-bedroom apartments, giving you the flexibility to choose a space that suits your independent lifestyle. Whether you prefer the cozy intimacy of a one-bedroom or the additional space of a two-bedroom apartment, each unit comes equipped with a full kitchen. This means you can enjoy the convenience of preparing your favorite meals just the way you like them, right in your own home.

Weekly Housekeeping

Say goodbye to the hassle of regular cleaning chores. Sierra Regency provides weekly housekeeping services, allowing you to maintain a clean and tidy living environment effortlessly. Spend more time doing what you love and let our dedicated staff take care of the cleaning.

In-Unit Laundry Facilities

No more trips to the laundromat or hauling heavy laundry baskets. Each apartment includes stackable washer and dryer units, ensuring that laundry is convenient and accessible right within your living space.

Personal Storage Units

We understand that you have cherished belongings you’d like to keep close. That’s why we offer personal storage units, providing extra space to store your treasured items and keep your living area clutter-free.

A Focus on Security for Your Peace of Mind

While comfort is a key pillar of Sierra Regency’s offerings, we also place a high priority on your safety and peace of mind. Our comprehensive security measures are designed to create a secure living environment for all residents.

Secured Doors

Our access control system ensures that only authorized individuals can enter the residential areas. Secured doors, such as keycard access or electronic locks, add an extra layer of protection to your living space, giving you confidence in your security.

Surveillance Cameras

Your safety matters, and our commitment to security is evident in the presence of surveillance cameras both inside and outside the community. These cameras act as a deterrent to potential security threats and provide continuous monitoring for added safety.

Gated Community

Sierra Regency is a gated community, which means that access points are controlled, typically requiring a code, keycard, or permission from residents or staff to enter. This added layer of security ensures that only authorized individuals can access the community, enhancing your safety and privacy.

Living in Luxury and Security

Sierra Regency offers not just a comfortable living space but also a resort-style ambiance that creates a warm and friendly community. Beyond your apartment, you’ll find a host of amenities and activities to enrich your independent living lifestyle.

Amenities Galore

Our amenities cater to your every need, from a big-screen theater room for movie nights to a pool table for friendly games and an activity room with computers for staying connected. Additionally, there’s a sundry store, library with computer access, and even scheduled transportation available for your convenience.


For those seeking spiritual and religious fulfillment, Sierra Regency includes a chapel, providing a dedicated space for reflection and worship.

The Sierra Regency Difference

Sierra Regency is more than just a retirement community; it’s a place where comfort and security combine to create the ideal environment for independent living during your retirement years. Our floor plans offer a range of options to suit your lifestyle, while our comprehensive security measures ensure your peace of mind.

Imagine an independent living retirement where you can enjoy the beauty of nature, the convenience of modern living, and the safety of a secure community—all in one place. Sierra Regency makes this vision a reality.

Join us at Sierra Regency, where your comfort and security are our top priorities for independent living. Discover your new home today and experience the retirement lifestyle you deserve.