Our Team

Mary Dustin
Executive Director/COO

As the Executive Director for Sierra Regency for the past nine years, Mary is responsible for the complete operation of the community. She is responsible for the satisfaction of every resident at Sierra Regency. It is her responsibility to maintain safety, quality assurance, and resident satisfaction along with community relations. Mary prides herself on the pleasure and opportunity to be in all our residents’ lives. She is the driving force behind the ultimate and finest senior living throughout the region.

Pamela Mondello
Marketing Director

As the Marketing Director for Sierra Regency since 2005, Pamela considers it a pleasure to assist prospective residents and their families, in the process of introducing them to a new way of living. We strive to simplify and enhance the quality of life, by providing a compassionate environment, dignified lifestyle and a sense of security. Our goal is to ensure our residents experience the lifestyle that they deserve and are happy to call Sierra Regency Home!

Michele Astley
Office Manager

Michele is pleased to be the newest member of the leadership team. She started out at the front desk in 2009 and has recently moved into the business office. During her years here she has grown to love and admire our residents, learning new things from them every day which makes this such a great journey. Michele has an extensive background in customer service that spans thirty-five years in various capacities. She welcomes any and all residents to come sit and chat with her! Although she is no longer at the front desk, her door will always be open as she is eager to help answer any questions our residents or staff might have. Michele hopes to bring compassion, understanding, and professionalism to our Residents at Sierra Regency.

Genila Smith-Fikes
Housekeeping Director / Night Concierge / Transportation Director

Genila has been with Sierra Regency for nine years and finds it to be such a blessing to come to work every single day. Genila wakes up early at her own home with her two daughters 20 and 17, kisses them goodbye and goes to her second home Sierra Regency. You will find Genila spending the day working closely with her three departments to reassure that the residents at Sierra Regency feel safe, secure and most importantly at home. It is so very important to her that all the residents know and feel that this is not only home but a place that they can depend on her and her team. Whether it’s a ride to the grocery store, the last minute doctors appointment, needing a carpet shampoo or even having a cup of coffee and a warm chat with the evening concierge at 11 pm in the lobby when they can’t sleep means the world to her. It is her pleasure to be a part of all the residents' lives at Sierra Regency. She takes extreme pride in her job and loves what she does every single day.

Martin Nichols
Dining Service Director

Marty is the Director of Dining Room Services. Marty oversees the dining room operation and service at Sierra Regency. His goals are to meet and welcome all residents as they settle into our community and to facilitate an excellent dining experience every day. Marty strives to create a welcoming and familial atmosphere in our dining room. He brings with him a sense of personal commitment with positive application garnered from years in the hospitality industry. Marty believes in service with grace and humility while continuing to learn through interaction with our residents.

Robb Henry
Executive Chef

Robb was born and raised in Healdsburg, CA. He has always been around creative cooks and chefs in his family, so it was only natural he would get into the industry himself. He has now been with the company for 5 years, just recently being promoted to Chef, here at Sierra Regency. Robb has a lot of love for what he does. He is VERY progressive for a chef in this industry and truly believes in creating fresh, seasonal, beautiful dishes with lots of love and passion. Cooking and creating recipes for our residents excites him! Whether he is deconstructing ‘Ol Americana’ favorites, or creating his own recipes to introduce new flavors; he remains ambitious in his attempts to not only bring 5-star quality dishes to our residents but to give our residents the best dining experience possible.